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A wide range of services. This page contains a brief overview of the range of services that the company offers.

Due Diligence Investigations

In practice, we conduct due diligence to avoid unnecessary exposure. The investigations are conducted to confirm stated information before involvement in a business transaction. We aim to discover the truth and reduce risks in business at the same time providing decision makers with quality information. Results obtained from the investigation can be a spotlight into past dealings and behavior which gives LN Capital Group a hint on what might happen in the future. The investigations are useful to us and our clients because we are involved in partnership deals, joint venture, acquisitions and mergers scenarios and can be effective in development of an action plan and also in addressing some business needs.
When an organization fails to perform these investigations, it is calling for problems and disasters. Due Diligence Investigations have several benefits including; ensuring reliability, risk reduction, reduce embarrassing situations, keeping and obtaining peace of mind. These investigations are categorized into prospective client investigation, business background investigations and desktop investigations. Business background investigation help minimize risks associated with relationships with vendors, customers and partners. Prospective client investigation helps to scrutinize the firms the company wants to work with and it helps minimize embarrassing situations in the future. Desktop investigations are conducted for the purpose of making an informed decision. We ensure that due diligence is properly conducted since it can be helpful in identifying regulatory issues, illegal or improper activity and hidden history.

Life style planning

At LN Capital Group, we believe that lifestyle planning is more than ensuring our clients have access to luxury; we believe in a balance of helping our clients live a balanced life by making them in their pursuit of happiness. When one feels their needs are met and they like what they do, they do not have to be rich to be happy. One finds happiness when they find a greater purpose in what they are doing. One can plan their future around their life style. Life style planning assists one to focus on their priorities. Every person has different interest in the unique things that make them happy and satisfied with their life. This is a mindset where your personal and financial plans cater to your preferred lifestyle.
At LN Capital Group, we take into account the personal passions of our clients and come up with efficient plans to cater for their preferred lifestyles. This practice accounts for individual weakness and strengths and financial needs too. Various financial configurations work better in different life styles. Many who have applied this mind set have attested that their priorities are changing and there has been a shift in the kind of work opportunity they seek. LN Capital Group helps in resource allocation and management for individual and institutional purposes is a complex process since resources are scarce so our clients have to set priorities to promote individual happiness and fulfillment.

Tax planning

Financial success can be achieved when one reduces the tax liability and maximizes on the potential to add more investment to their capital or assets. This can only be achieved through a rigorous process of tax planning. Tax planning is an essential element in an individual investor financial plan that involves analysing a financial plans or situations to make sure all components work together to ensure the payment of the lowest taxes possible.
Tax planning incorporates several considerations including timing of income size, and timing of purchases and other expenditure planning. Saving through a retirement plan is one example of an efficient way of reducing tax. LN Capital Group helps you maneuver through the murky territory of tax planning and tax payment with the help of our qualified personnel who ensure less tax payment within the threshold of regional and global regulations.

Succession Planning

LN Capital Group will help your family or company go through a strategic and efficient succession through the formulation of an effective and empathetic succession plan. Succession planning is a long-term process which means that the plans have to be reevaluated and updated yearly. This practice ensures the continued operation of a business or family trust after the family or institutional leaders find new opportunities, pass away or retire by providing liquidity events and enabling the transfer of ownership to rising individuals with the appropriate skills of handling the assets and capital left.
Succession planning involves employee and family members cross training for them to develop skills, knowledge and holistic understanding of the investment made into LN Capital Group. There is evaluation of each leadership skills while identifying potential successors both outside and within the company or family and in internal replacement training for individuals is conducted to prepare them to take over.

Investment strategy planning

Investment strategies are principles created to assist an individual to meet their investment and financial goals. It guides investor decision making in relation to risk tolerance, goals and future needs. The plans can be either be conservative or aggressive; conservative means they follow a low risk strategy where the main purpose is to protect wealth while aggressive seeks rapid growth by focusing on capital appreciation. Investors may formulate their portfolios using their strategies or achieve this through a financial professional. Strategies should be reviewed regularly as circumstances change since they are not static.
Investment strategy planning is more than just money because it involves the current financial considerations, time line, goals and the risk one is willing to take. Evaluating your financial situations, it helps one determine how much to invest. Short –term and long-term goals informs one’s investment strategy which is important in determining the amount of risk one can take and what investments to make to achieve those goals. At LN Capital Group, we task our professionals with the responsibility of coming up with more productive investment strategy plans for the long-term financial benefit of our clients.

Trusteeship management

Management involves planning, controlling, organizing, coordinating all the activities taking place in an institution to achieve the goals of the organization. The principle of trusteeship is social economic philosophy that provides a way on how a trust would look after the welfare of the trustees. Some of the trusteeship management services that LN Capital Group offers involves designing of annuity plans, selection of annuity management institution, filling of annuity management controls and agreements and formulating strategic assets allocation strategies, supervision on annuity fund operations dissemination of management information. Annuity plans are the foundation and operations and their essential in enhancing customer’s satisfaction.
We believe that the foundational goal of trusteeship management is to raise the value of fund assets. Investment management is the force that drive annuity fund operations. Formulation of investment policies and allocation of strategic assets is the starting point of the investment management activities. Trusteeship management at LN Capital Group also guarantees operation safety, value appreciation and value maintenance of funds. We at LN Capital Group ensure that the trust has a sound management and supervision system that facilitates evaluation and supervisions of assets and capital, provides assessment report and to ensure trusteeship management is safe, compliant and efficient.

Retirement planning solutions

Everyone is always worried about the life after retirement. LN Capital Group commits to helping reduce the worry associated with retirement. Establishing an effective retirement plan is a lifelong process. You can start planning for retirement anytime but it works best if planned earlier. It is the best way to ensure a secure, safe and fun retirement. It not only involves financial preparation alone but also preparation in all aspect of life such as lifestyle, investment and tax planning. Life style choices like how to spend time in retirement, when to completely quit working and where to live after retirement are some of the non-financial aspects of preparing a retirement plan. Old age is associated with increased health concern which requires a lot of medical expenses so one can opt for life insurance to cover their health bills.
Retirement planning is a process that involves determination of retirement income goals and the decisions and actions that will help achieve these goals. It includes income sources identification, sizing up expenses, implementation of savings programs and the management of risk and assets. It Tax advantage saving account, insurance, tax efficiency, estate planning and home are aspects that provide solutions. Insurance is one of the best solutions of protecting assets. Tax efficiency which involves creation of an individual retirement account is essential in retirement planning because it helps reduce the amount of taxes one incurs through spending and other transactions. Based on the description above, people seeking retirement solutions at LN Capital Group can benefit from other packages such as tax planning and lifestyle management.

Portfolio planning

At LN Capital Group, we undertake high quality portfolio planning by bringing together the investors’ goals and risk tolerance. A portfolio is a collection of financial investment like bonds, stocks, cash, commodities and cash equivalents including exchange ended funds and closed end funds. There exists a wide range of portfolios such as hybrid portfolio, portfolio investment, aggressive equity focused portfolio and income focused portfolio.
Portfolio planning involves development of a strategy that helps guide investment decisions for the long term. Other factors considered are the investor’s task burden, investment horizon, tax burden and potential liquidity needs. Risk tolerance is the key factor to consider in portfolio planning. These factors determine assets allocations that have diverse degrees of potential risks and profits.
Proper portfolio planning involves stating the purpose, developing a decision-making structure, determining investment objective and philosophy, risk tolerance and philosophy and portfolio monitoring process. We help our clients determine the short and long-term goals and the type of investment that will facilitate achievement of their unique individual goals.

Family governance consulting

Family enterprises face challenges and so require consultation to solve some of these issues to promote smooth running of their activities. There might be differences in decision making, policy formulation, responsibilities, involvement in the enterprise and ownership privileges which need advice to reduce the potential for conflict and poor decision-making allowing families to flourish. LN Capital Group helps family enterprises understand how to run their business activities better. When properly designed, family governance can help create clarity, set boundaries and enhance good relationships between members of the family, a more focused business and easier succession. When families work together, either in business or portfolio investments and having a strong foundation of trust it can enhance their competitive advantage. Making a family work together and make decisions about their properties is important. Effective family governance reflects the particular dynamics, culture and objectives of the family.
For the family business to operate effectively all the components must interact and support each other and this is the t importance of consultation. We offer consultation services to help families in decision making, communication – both written and oral – and service delivery systems.

Wealth transfer management

Development of plans to protect and transfer assets is a crucial family practice that can help avoid conflicts and misunderstandings within the family; Wealth transfer is the process of transferring assets in circumstantial events like incapacitation or death – and not necessarily retirement. Wealth transfer management involves determining the priority factors such as future and living expenses, education desires to family members when making wealth transfer decisions. It involves four important processes; pin pointing the family vision; identifying assets and liabilities; focusing on legal documentation and follow up plan. Understanding the objectives of wealth transfer, living expenses, education needs can greatly inform one in making proper decisions.
Ln Capital Group helps families and institutions undergo seamless wealth management processes through the help of professionals who catalogue all assets in terms of their values and locations list all liabilities, titling and reviewing beneficiary designations. We also focus on legal documentation of the assets and get all the necessary documents that facilitate the process of wealth transfer.

Wealth Structuring Consulting

At LN Capital group we believe that wealth structuring is an imperative process in ensuring financial safety among the Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals who make up our clientele. Due to technological advancement which has revolutionized wealth creation and enhanced upward mobility having a clear wealth structure is essential in eliminating negative outcomes like stress and wealth loss.
We help our clients build platforms that can help them grow, protect and preserve their wealth and pass it at their heirs in a tax efficient manner as per their wishes. We educate them on wealth protection, tax planning succession planning estate planning and family governance. Most of the Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals are businesspeople who, most of the time they tend to neglect their individual affairs to further increase their businesses portfolio. We help them maintain a healthy balance between their individual and personal affairs by offering wealth management structuring.
Wealth structuring consulting is the best service we offer to our clients to enable them to properly manage their wealth. Ultra-High-Net-Worth individuals can avoid all the negative outcomes associated with ineffective wealth structures by having a well-meaning partner who promotes value, someone who has a global perspective, innovative, and clear and who understands the importance of structuring wealth. This partner is LN Capital Group.

Investment Sourcing

At LN Capital we believe investment sourcing is the best remedy to all constrains related to investments. The acquisitions and investment market are changing rapidly as a result of the unpredictable global economy. There are more investment firms entering the market every single day which has increased the competition and the number of high-quality investment deals has drastically reduced.
The investment sourcing practice in LN Capital Group involves lead generation and bond forging together with arbitrators to ensure an investment deals are successfully completed. For investment bankers to win clients it depends on their history, size and deal sourcing strategies. We help our clients find the right investment avenues to pitch their deals and create relationships with them which are the core process in investment sourcing. Our market practice is predominantly depended on the market conditions and considering the overabundance recently of parties interested and undersupply of investment deals the pricing has gone up.
We employ Mergers and Acquisitions platform to serve our customers – an approach that has promoted our investment sourcing service delivery greatly. This change has also been brought about by the shift in private equity to proprietary initiatives which has forced investment banks to increase deal flow and enhance efforts using their initiatives. Through tradeshows, online technologies, an in-house investment sourcing team and contracted deal sourcing specialists we have been able to attract many clients who opt to walk their investment journeys with us.

Capital Evaluation

LN Capital Group provides capital evaluation services on expenditures through various techniques that consider our respective client’s budget expenditure. Though payback technique the number of years to recover the amount of cash spent on a particular project is calculated. Though this technique has some criticism of not considering time value of money we usually use it to calculate some of the capital expenditures.
Return on investment (ROI) is another approach we use to evaluate capital for our clients where we compare the increase in accounting profit to the increased investment. Internal rate of return helps in computing the rate that will discount the future cash flows to be equal to the cash project outlay.
Our professional investment experts also use net present value to evaluate capital and expenditures in which the project’s future cash flow are discounted by a predetermined rate such as needed or targeted rate. This helps the clients to determine the acceptability of a project because it compares the cash investment to the targeted rate and if the targeted rate exceed the cash investment the project is accepted. We ensure that our clients benefit from their capital and assets through the application of industry approved approaches of increasing profits on investment.